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Located in the Western Piedmont of North Carolina, about 45 minutes south of the Virginia state line and surrounded by the city of Winston-Salem, Fox Den Farms is nestled amid trees and pasture land and a quiet peacefulness.


Fox Den Farms began in 1996 as a seed-stock source for registered Angus cattle.  In December of 2011 we purchased a few bred Katahdin/Dorper cross ewes, later adding a purebred Katahdin ram in the spring of 2012.  The lambing was successful so we decided to obtain more sheep; this time, Royal Whites.  The Royal Whites have become our breed of choice.  


Our main objective, whether with the Angus cattle or the Royal White sheep, is to produce animals we are proud to offer as true representatives of their breed.  Our Angus herd is produced under commercial conditions, expected to produce calves yearly, subsist on forage and hay, and behave respectably in the headgate. Bulls or calves with and attitude become freezer beef.  We are still within the learning curve on sheep, but communicate regularly with Mr. Bill Hoag who developed the Royal White breed.  His input and guidance have been priceless in growing Fox Den’s sheep flock.


All of our animals feed on pasture and hay year round.  Supplemental feed is corn gluten and corn screenings obtained locally.  We never implant or administer antibiotics for growth.  Animals at Fox Den Farms are raised with care and compassion.  We feed our own family of 4 generations the beef raised at Fox Den and have a local reputation for beef of the highest quality and taste.  We do not feed our animals or treat them with anything we would not want passed along to our own family.


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Fox Den Farms

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