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All Natural.

Raised with



What began as a hobby between father and son, became a passion to be shared with others.  At Fox Den Farms, you will find Angus Cattle and the first Royal White Sheep in North Carolina. Raised with care and bred to be pure representatives of their breed; our registered animals are handled under commercial conditions to reflect their abilities to produce in our customers' environments.

All Natural. Raised with Care

Fox Den Farms

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Fox Den's sheep flock began with bred Katahdin / Dorper cross ewes and grew when we added a pure bred Katahdin ram.  Our breed of choice is now the Royal White.   They are a new breed, developed in the 1990's as a pure hair sheep with excellent growth, fertility, hardiness in all climates and calm dispositions.

Fox Den Sheep

Fox Den Cattle

Fox Den's registered angus cattle herd are raised on hay and pasture year round and never administered growth hormones or antibiotics.  We have two 7/8 sisters to the dam of GAR Precision 2536 (reg #15891068 and #17045105) and a full sister in blood to Mitty In Focus. (reg #16313905)